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1. Verbs: 
PRESENT: Present Simple (She eats), Present Continuous (She is eating), Present Perfect 
(She has eaten)
PAST: Past Simple (She ate), Past Continuous (She was eating)
FUTURE: Future will (She will eat), Future Going To (She is going to eat)
2. Conditional Sentences (Types I and II)
If it's hot we will go to the beach. (Type I)
If I were you, I would study a lot for the English exam (Type II)
Unless it rains, we'll go to the beach.
3. Too/Enough
She's too short to play basketball=She isn't tall enough to play basketball.
There are enough chairs in the classroom.
 4. Comparatives/Superlatives
     -er, -est, more, most (taller than, the tallest, more beautiful 
      than, the most beautiful,...)
     -irregular: good, bad, far (better, best, worse, worst...)
5. Vocabulary: Units 1 to 4 (travel, sport, school, adjectives/adverbs)


A text in English, questions about the text, vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, writing, listening 

Please check grammar on pages 92 to 99 in your Workbook.

1. Verbs: 
PRESENT: Present Simple (She eats), Present Continuous (She is eating), Present Perfect (She has eaten), Present Perfect Continuous (She has been eating)
PAST: Past Simple (She ate), Past Continuous (She was eating), Past Perfect (She has eaten), Past Perfect Continuous (She had been eating)
FUTURE: Future Simple (She will eat), Future Going To (She is going to eat), Future Perfect (She will have eaten), Future Perfect Continuous (She will be eating)
2. Rephrasing:
-gerunds and infinitives (Unit 1)
-although, even though, despite, in spite of, so, such, while, as well as, as long as,because, because of...(Unit 1)
-modals (present and past) , had better (Unit 2)
-passive; have something done; people say, It is said..., He is said... (Unit 3)
- Reported speech (statements, questions, orders, suggestions...) (Unit 4)
-Relative Clauses (who, which, when, where,...) formal, informal
(Unit 5)
-Conditionals (Types I, II, III, unless, I wish=if only) (Unit 6)

NOTE: There won't be any vocabulary exercises this time. But there will be one in your final exam in MAY.


Thursday 25th: A text. Questions about text. Writing. Rephrasing.
Friday 26th: Listening Comprehension

Please check grammar on pages 105 to 120 in your books.


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1. Verbs: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Future Simple(will), Future "Going To" (workbook pages 92-95)

1. Introduction Unit, Unit 1, Unit 2: jobs and adjectives, clothes, prepositions of place, food, animals, travel, sport, weather
2. Dates in English (12th January) (book page 10)
3. Expresions with the word "way" (book page 10)
4. Travel/Journey (book page 10)
5. Transport: take off, land, get on, get off...(book page 12)
6. Words with "name" (first name, family name...) (book page 14)
7. True/truth (book page 14)
8 British and American English (book page 16)
9. Weather (book page 10)+ photocopy
10. Other/another (book page 22)
11. Words with "temperature" (book page 22)
12. Expect/wait (book page 22)
13. Time expressions (book page 23)

Date: Thursday, 26th November
 The exam will consist on:
 -a text
-questions about text (answer questions, true/false, synonyms...)
-One vocabulary exercise and one grammar exercise about verbs.


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1. Verbs: present, past, future (introduction unit, book pages 105-109)
2. Gerunds and Infinitives (Book pages 110-111)
3. Connectors: also, in spite of/despite, for intance, however, in addition, although, while, as well as,...
4. Modal verbs (book pages 112-114)
5. Rephrasing

1. Unit 1(Fame, book page 111), Unit 2(Environment), how to write a formal letter
2. ISIS vocabulary, Greece vocabulary, Luca Lampariello's video
3. Listenings done in class (photocopies)
4. Film: Crazy, stupid, love
5. Phrasal verbs (unit 2, page 113)

Date of exam: Thursday, 26th November
Exam will consist on:
-a text
-questions about text
-a rephrasing exercise
-a vocabulary exercise


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