martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

1. Verbs: 
PRESENT: Present Simple (She eats), Present Continuous (She is eating), Present Perfect 
(She has eaten)
PAST: Past Simple (She ate), Past Continuous (She was eating)
FUTURE: Future will (She will eat), Future Going To (She is going to eat)
2. Conditional Sentences (Types I and II)
If it's hot we will go to the beach. (Type I)
If I were you, I would study a lot for the English exam (Type II)
Unless it rains, we'll go to the beach.
3. Too/Enough
She's too short to play basketball=She isn't tall enough to play basketball.
There are enough chairs in the classroom.
 4. Comparatives/Superlatives
     -er, -est, more, most (taller than, the tallest, more beautiful 
      than, the most beautiful,...)
     -irregular: good, bad, far (better, best, worse, worst...)
5. Vocabulary: Units 1 to 4 (travel, sport, school, adjectives/adverbs)


A text in English, questions about the text, vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, writing, listening 

Please check grammar on pages 92 to 99 in your Workbook.


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  1. Thanks for your sharing! Your post is very useful. You help me review my old knowledge about grammar.

  2. profe donde puedo encontrar juegos de frases en ingles